Getting resources


We are happy to announce a new round of testing of the cross-border resource sharing framework by the Dellingr project.

The Dellingr project aims at offering an easy and expedited access to Nordic e-Infrastructure for small research projects. Small research projects are projects that require up to 50k CPU/5k GPU core-hours over a 6 month period. Access request is facilitated by and usage monitoring is shown in the Dellingr self-service platform.

Please follow instructions to apply! The list of available resource providers along with links to the terms of services is provided in the self-service.


Rules for participants

  1. Only requests for access to resources from another country will be considered at this moment. If you want to access resources in your country, please contact your national e-infrastructure provider.

  2. Resources are provided to the end users for free thanks to support by NordForsk.

  3. Participants of the Dellingr call must adhere to the terms of usage of the hosting computing services they will use.

  4. Work performed with the aid of resources obtained through this pilot may be acknowledged by: “This work was made possible (in part) by usage of computing resources at (institution) through the NeIC Dellingr resource sharing pilot.” (or similar).

A summary of the applications served by the first pilot can be found here.


Dellingr is a Nordic collaborative project organized by Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


John White, NeIC